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Research: Custom Computing

The Custom Computing Research Group in Department of Computing conducts research in various areas of specialised computing platforms focusing on efficiency, performance and productivity, particularly:

Theory and practice of reconfigurable computing, including:

Models, architectures, development methods and tools for:

Applications of custom-designed systems in areas such as:

Our research also covers other applications such as bioinformatics, climate and weather modelling, medical imaging, genetic algorithms, Protein Interaction Networks, brain data processing, software-defined radio, machine learning, seismic computation, database search, and ecological modelling.

We are responsible for several surveys on reconfigurable computing, Gaussian random number generators, and low-power techniques for FPGAs, and a textbook on system-on-chip.

Currently we are involved in various collaborative projects, including Custom Computing for Advanced Digital Systems, HARNESS and TETRACOM, Past projects include EPiCS, FASTER, REFLECT, HARTES, and DIADEM.

Our research has led to a Research Excellence Award from Imperial College in 2006, as well as many awards at international conferences, including ASAP (2008, 2013), ARC (2012), FPL (2004, 2007, 2008, 2010), ERSA (2004), FPT (2005, 2008), SAMOS (2008), and SPL (2008, 2009).