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The FRESH Summit: 2016

The FRESH Summit
11 July 2016

Huxley Building, Imperial College London

This Summit covers FRESH: the Future of REconfigurable Systems and their High-level design. It will take place at Imperial College London on 11 July, right after ASAP'16.

The purpose of this summit is to have leaders, researchers, professionals and students in relevant fields to share their insights and vision of reconfigurable systems and their high-level design for exciting applications - especially about the future of these exciting technologies.

This event is an internal event of Imperial College with many renowned invited speakers. The list of confirmed Summit Speakers can be found on the right-hand panel.

Attendance of this one-day Summit is free but registration is required. Our thanks to Maxeler Technologies for sponsoring FRESH.

Summit Schedule

09:00 - 09:15 Registration: Huxley Building Reception Area

09:15 - 09:40 Wayne Luk, Imperial College
0940 - 1015 Georgi Gaydadjiev, Maxeler Technologies (Keynote)
The Future of Reconfigurable Systems: an Industrial Perspective
1015 - 1040 Tarek Abdelrahman, University of Toronto
Overlays: a Solution Paradigm for FPGA High-Level Design?
1040 - 1105 Suhaib Fahmy, University of Warwick
Architecture Centric Overlays for Abstraction and Performance

1105 - 1135 Break

1135 - 1200 George Constantinides, Imperial College
New Vistas in High Level Synthesis
1200 - 1225 Dirk Koch, University of Manchester
FPGA Virtualization for Enabling General Purpose Reconfigurable Computing
1225 - 1250 Terrence Mak, University of Southampton
Reconfigurable Market-on-Chip

1250 - 1400 Lunch

1400 - 1425 John McAllister, Queen's University Belfast
Heterogeneous Dataflow for Heterogeneous MPSoC FPGA
1425 - 1450 Simon Moore, University of Cambridge
Communication as a first class design constraint for reconfigurable systems
1450 - 1515 Jose Nunez-Yanez, University of Bristol
Computing to the Energy and Performance Limits in Heterogeneous CPU-FPGA Devices
1515 - 1540 Wim Vanderbauwhede, University of Glasgow
High-Level Programming of FPGAs using Type-Driven Program Transformations and Cost-Modelling

1540 - 1600 Break

1600 - 1645 Discussion and Wrap-Up

ASAP Conference: 6-8 July 2016

Immediately before the FRESH Summit, the ASAP'16 Conference will take place also at Imperial College.

Summer School on OpenSPL: 12-15 July 2016

Right after the FRESH Summit, there will be a Summer School for a practical implementation of OpenSPL for dataflow computing. It will focus on a tutorial including talks and laboratory sessions given by leading experts from academia and from industry. There will be practical sessions to enable attendants to have hands-on experience of developing solutions using OpenSPL.

The tutorial will also cover how to target Maxeler dataflow systems as a spacial computing substrate. For example, Maxeler Galava PCIe cards present a low-cost platform for academic users that can be programmed with OpenSPL.

The tutorial will also cover in depth some practical applications that are available from the Maxeler App Gallery . This App Gallery is part of the Maxler Maximum Performance Eco System and it has been gaining strong momentum from the OpenSPL user community.

In addition to targeting traditional spatial computing substrates such as Galava or other commercial dataflow cards, various applications targeting the new Juniper QFX-PFA packet flow accelerator switch are also available. The Juniper QFX-PFA switch contains a spatial computing module for accelerating complex network applications with very high throughput and low, deterministic latency. A number of networking applications will be covered in depth.


Attendance of the one-day FRESH Summit is free. However, space is limited so please register as early as possible, using the link at the top of the page.

Please note that the registration for the Summit and for the OpenSPL Tutorial are separate. If you wish to attend both the Summit and the OpenSPL Tutorial, please register for both of them separately.

Travel Information and Accommodation

The Summit will take place at Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus.

Attendants will be responsible for their own accommodation. Please check availability of local hotels and student accommodation; early booking is recommended. You could also try a booking service.