NANDA Workshop: 5-6 September 2022

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The Imperial College HiPEDS Research Centre is hosting an exciting 2-day workshop on Novel Architecture and Novel Design Automation (NANDA). The purpose of this workshop is to invite renowned experts in these two areas to present their latest advances, and to provide a forum to spark new ideas.

The schedule of NANDA 2022 is as follows.

*** The presentation and other workshop material can be found here. ***

The workshop will take place in the Huxley Building, Room 144. Travel information can be found here.

If you wish to attend this workshop in-person, please register using the Registration Link. Invited speakers would be able to attend free of charge; the registration fee for other attendants would be £100, and for students would be £50 - please make payment through the Payment Link. Please note that registration and payment need to be done separately.

If you encounter problems concerning registration or payment, or if you are interested in this workshop but are unable to attend in person, please contact Jamie Targett. The presentations are expected to be made publicly available after the workshop.