VPH download

VPH is a place and routing tool for hybrid FPGA and VPHpack is a clustering program to pack logic blocks in hybrid FPGA.

Click the link below to download latest version of VPH and the sample files.

VPH version 1.0 vph.tar
VPHpack version 1.0 VPHpack.tar
User manual of VPH Download
Sample architecture file virtex2_c2.arch
Sample user constraint file for whole hybrid FPGA fafm.ucf
Sample user constraint files for individual embedded blocks fa.ucf fm.ucf
Sample .link file dscg.link
Sample .net file dscg.net
Sample run script run_vpr_dscg
Sample .vhm files for floating point application dscg.vhm
Sample .vhm files for individual embedded blocks fpadder.vhm fpmult.vhm