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GroundHog Benchmark Suite

GroundHog Benchmark Suite targets power measurements of reconfigurable architectures applied in the mobile domain.

January 2009 - GroundHog 2009 Benchmark Suite Released!

The latest version for the GroungHog Benchmark Suite is availbale for download. In this release the following designs are available:

  • GH09.B.0 - Fabric analysis - This benchmark is HDL design that allows the analysis of fine-grain FPGAs in terms of power consumption
  • GH09.B.1 - Port expander and keypad controller
  • GH09.B.2 - Glue logic
  • GH09.B.3 - AES encryption cypher
  • GH09.B.4 - Data compression using Lempel-Ziv
  • GH09.B.5 - Bridge chip
  • GH09.B.6 - 2d convolution

In addition to the above designs, this release includes a software tool that generates input stimuli for each design (called a workload) and a tool that details the expected output of a design to verify the correctness of design implementation.

Please feel free to download this release and review the internal documentation for a better understanding of how the benchmark suite can be used for benchmarking a reconfigurable architecture for power. You may also view publications related to GroundHog 2009 for more insight into the benchmark.

Also, in an attempt to make synthesizable versions of the benchmarks available to the community, we have created a repository on OpenCores. Please visit the repository to contribute and get existing benchmarks.

For questions email:
Peter Jamieson (jamieson dot peter at gmail dot com)